David Eastaugh is a regular contributor and presenter on Platform, Future Radio’s weekly arts and culture show – Future Radio. Here you can find the archive of his 100+ award-worthy interviews on music, dance, theatre, literature, art, film, poetry, festivals, counterculture and much much more. He has worked with Darcy Bussell, Earl Slick and Bruce Lacey and many many more.

David has a particular interest in 1960s counterculture, David Bowie and pantomime. Find out more by following the links below, organised by genre.

Classical Music including David Butcher of Britten Sinfonia

David Bowie-related, including Mike Garson, Earl Slick, George Underwood, Paul Morley

Counterculture including Bruce Lacey, Joe Rush

Pantomime including Simon Floyd, Richard Gaunlett

Opera including Ellen Kent, Toby Girling, Matthew Sprange

Photography including Jonathan Plunkett, Michael Chandler

Puppetry including Meg Amsden

Film including Alex Gibney

Comedy including Lucy Porter, Phil Cool, Richard Herring, Arthur Smith, Stewart Francis, Amy Lane

Poetry including Martin Figura, John Clare, Naomi Jaffa

Self-improvement including Jamie Catto

Circus including Peter Jay, Derren Cross

Storytelling including Giles Abbott, Helen McDermott, Tom Moran

History including Frank Meeres, Louise Okrstrom, Tony Cooper, George McKay, Borin Van Loon

Art including Bruce Lacey, James Turrell, Joni Smith, Jeff Koons, Caroline Wright, Derren Johnson, Boukje Schweijman

Drama including Peter Wilson, Joseph Chance, Liz Goddard, Tim Woodward

Books including Lucy English, Eve Goden, Neil Matthews, Paul Morley, Jonangus McKay, George Packer

Music including Les McKeown, Arthur Brown, Steve Howe, Martin Newell, Martin Fry, Janis Ian

Norfolk and Suffolk venues Ian Hall, Peter Jay, Ian Harvey

Festivals including Richard Barnes, Bruce Lacey, Silas Rayner, Viktor Wynd, Paul Spencer, William Galinsky

Dance including Brenda Cole, Vincent Simone, Flavia Cacase, Pasha Kovaler, Mark Baldwin